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About Us 

      Haining Wealth Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, is located in Haining Ding Qiao Zhen Min Li Cun, self built plant area of 1500 square meters, is specialized in all kinds of transformers, especially all kinds of LED lighting using a transformer and inductor coil, loop filter, and other electronic components research and development, production and sales. The company for the Haining Municipal Science and Technology Bureau to support enterprises.

       Company has strong technical strength, advanced production equipment, complete detection means, product quality and reliable. Support units for the Haining Municipal Science and technology bureau. Products are widely used in a variety of industrial control equipment, household appliances, digital electronics, security equipment, automotive electronics, network communications products.

       The company's business philosophy: the zero defect and competitive products and services to customers on time!

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1, Strive for customers to create more brilliant tomorrow.
2,The wonderful details of all, sincere attitude to create the future.
3, Technical expertise, to do fine; success comes from diligence and sincerity.
4, Wealth all employees will, as always, to-the-art products, a Flow of services, Thanksgiving customers to pay back the community, and you create a bright future hand in hand!




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