Application of bobbin

The transformer skeleton is used to change the position of AC voltage, consisting of iron core and coil wire. It can not only change the voltage of AC, but also change the impedance. It can also change the current without exceeding the designed power.

In different environments, the use of transformer skeleton is different, such as:

1. In the electronic amplifier circuit, in order to achieve the least energy consumption between the two lines, impedance matching and transformer skeleton connection can play a role in changing impedance.

2. In the AC regulator, the output voltage can be adjusted by changing the number of coils in real time.

3. In order to reduce the loss of long-distance input lines, the output power from power plants should be boosted to tens of thousands of volts (e.g. 11KV), and then lowered to the destination (e.g. 220V).

4. Sometimes, different voltages are needed in an environment, and transformers can be made into multi-windings or middle taps. It generates a variety of voltages.

5. When welding, the current required between the electrode and the weldment is very large (tens to hundreds of amperes), while the voltage is very small (several volts). Welding machines are transformers that turn high voltages (such as 220V) into low voltages. Without changing the power, a large current is generated at the output end.

Transformer accessories generally include: core, winding, oil tank, oil storage tank, insulating sleeve, tap changer, cooling system, explosion-proof tube, gas relay.