Calculation Method of Low Frequency Transformer

Tongue mouth 32MM, thickness 34MM, E width 96MM, ask power, primary 220, how many turns, wire thickness, secondary 51V double group, the maximum power to use how thick the line, the gate refers to the EI transformer core cross-sectional area is the width of the middle of the E piece (inserted in the middle of the transformer skeleton) that is, the product of the tongue width of the core and the total thickness of all E pieces inserted in the transformer skeleton square mouth is the simplest. Refers to the area of the square opening in the middle of the transformer skeleton, and the section area of the transformer core refers to the part covered by the coil: tongue width * stack thickness = section area, unit: C.

The first calculation method:

(1) Transformer silicon steel section: 3.2CM*3.4CM*0.9=9.792CM*0.9=9.792CM*2(2) Transformer power is calculated according to the silicon steel section: P = S/K^2= (9.79/1.25) = (9.79/1.25) ^2=61.34W = 4.5*10^5/BmS = 4.5*10^5 ^5 /(10000*5*9.79)=4.6 winding (4.6 winding primary coil (4) primary coil (4.6 winding (4) primary coil (4) primary coil winding (4.6 winding (4) primary coil (4) primary coil (4) primary coil (4) Number: 220*4.6 = 1012 turns (5) primary coil current: 60W/220V = 0.273A (6) primary coil diameter: D = 0.715 root number 0.273 = 0.37 (MM) (7) secondary coil turns: 2* (51*4.6*1.03) = 2*242 (turns) (1.03 is a step-down factor, double 51V = 2*242 turns) (8) secondary coil current: 60W/(2*51V) = 0.59A (9) secondary line diameter: d = 0.715 root number 0.59 = 0.55 (MM)

The second calculation method:

The E-shaped core calculates the tongue width with the middle tongue. Calculating formula: Output power: P2 = UI considering the loss of transformer, primary power: P1 = P2 / _ (where_ = 0.7-0.9, the large value of general power) calculation formula of the number of turns per volt: N (number of turns per volt) = 4.5 *10 (fifth power) / B *S (B = magnetic conductivity of silicon steel sheet, generally in 8000-12000 Gauss, good silicon steel sheet selected large value, conversely small value. S = area of core tongue, unit is square CM). If the quality of silicon steel sheet is generally 10,000 Gauss, then it can be simplified as: N = 45/S calculation of secondary winding coils, considering transformer leakage inductance and copper loss of conductor, 5% winding margin should be increased. No additional margin is required for the primary level. Calculating the line diameter by current: I = P / U (I = A, P = W, U = V) is selected by the line diameter per square MM_2.5-2.6A.

The third calculation method

First of all, the section area of the transformer is the section area of the coil. If your core area (the coil position) is 32*34=1088mm2=10.88cm2, I have no time to calculate it for you. Calculate it yourself. Ha ha! Give you a reference, I hope it will help you: 1. Calculate the number of turns per volt = 55/core section, for example, yours. Core cross section = 3.5 1.6 = 5.6 square centimeter, so, each volt turns = 55/5.6 = 9.8 turns 2, coil turns primary coil N1 = 220_9.8 = 21turns secondary coil N2 = 89595959.8959.8878787871.05 = 82.32 can be taken as 82turns secondary coil turns in the calculation of coil turns 1.05=82.32 is to take into account the load diameter of the voltage drop 3, when considering the load diameter of the wire, you ask for the number of the output current you do not require how much current you have asked to output the volt number of the number of output current.Ann? I'm on leave here. The current is set at 8V. The current is 2 A. Transformer output capacity = 8_2 = 16 volt-ampere transformer input capacity = transformer output capacity / 0.8 = 20 volt-ampere primary coil current I1 = 20/220 = 0.09 ampere wire diameter d = 0.8_I primary coil wire diameter D1 = 0.8_I1 = 0.8_0.09 = 0.24mm secondary coil wire diameter D2 = 0.8_I2 = 0.8_2 = 1.13 mm