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Mr. Wang

Quality Control Department

1. Be responsible for sampling, testing,judging and reporting the results of all incoming raw materials,outsourcing parts,semi-finished products and finished products according to the Control Plan, incoming inspection operation guidance documents and operation instructions of various products.

2. Be responsible for the re-inspection of substandard raw materials, outsourcing parts, semi-finished products and finished products.

3. Be responsible for the storage of raw materials, outsourcing. Inspection guidance documents, inspection records and inspection reports of associate parts.

4. Responsible for monitoring the processing and results of purchasing department for inspecting unqualified raw materials, outsourced parts, semi-finished products and finished products.

5. Responsible for the maintenance and maintenance of various types of inspection tools used.

6. Responsible for the storage of standard samples based on inspection.

7. Responsible for the purchase of products. Supervise the implementation of product identification, traceability identification, inspection and test status identification.