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Mr. Yang

R&D Dep.

Mr. Yang has extensive experience in R&D, production and application of electrical equipment and product design.

1. R & D department is mainly responsible for the design and development of electrical equipment and products, independently design and analysis according to project requirements, and complete the design input, prototype development, trial production, production, mass production, etc. according to the research and development process; provide technical support for customers. .

2. Fully cooperate with the marketing department to carry out product research and development, provide comprehensive and full-time technical support for customer development; in the product development process, form a project development working group together with the marketing department, carry out work from the perspective of business technology, and provide technical support for business negotiation. Protection

3. Responsible for organizing design review, technical verification and technical confirmation in the product design process, responsible for research on new concepts, new technologies, new processes and new materials related to design and development.