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The company has professional scientific research laboratories and product testing laboratories, and three full-time technical engineers, advanced experimental equipment, complete testing facilities. At the beginning of the company's establishment, the products were certified by CE and Rohs of EU, UL of USA, CCC of China and ISO 9001 quality management system. Over the past 10 years, provided technical services to more than 1000 enterprises., and has carried out scientific research cooperation projects with famous domestic universities on many occasions. More than ten national technology patents have been obtained, with remarkable achievements.



We has a professional scientific research laboratory, equipped with full-time technical engineers, according to the actual situation and functional parameters, from start with circuit simulation, complete transformer and LEDdriver are designed, and a series of tests are carried out to ensure that userscan use them safely and at the same time.We have the huge supplier system and has signed quality assurance agreements. It has a variety of raw materials, quality assurance. Customer can select the appropriate materials and configurations according to your actual situation, provide the best solution for you, save money and rest assured.



At the same time of ensuring the quality of products, Haining Wealth gives full play to its technical advantages and opens up the troubleshooting for the majority of usersGreen channel, free answer for design and application problems in transformer and LED drive industry,Users can ask questions about their own problems in the form of comments on the website. Our engineers will check and give them regularly For feedback, you can also contact our engineers by email, telephone, etc Welcome to call for detailed enquiries.



The change of the times stimulates the pace of Haining Wealth's progress, and everlasting climbing the Technological Peak is Haining Wealth's pursuit.As the Base of Talents Training in Colleges and Universities, Haining Wealth has established good cooperative relations with many domestic colleges and universities. Overcoming technical difficulties together, we have obtained more than 10 product certifications and more than 20 national technology patents. For ten years, more than 1000 company have been provided with technical services.Haining Wealth invites people from all walks of life to visit and exchange experiences.