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Application of Transformer

In today' s society, the use of the transformer is more and more widely, the transformer is a major component in the power system. To much power electricity usually transported to far away places to go, and take advantage of low-voltage hi gh-current transmission is very difficult, because there is a lot of power loss in the transmission process, therefore, need to use a step-up transformer to the voltage of the generator is increased. When electricity reached the receiving area, and need a step-down transformer to power lines voltage is reduced to the voltage of the power distribution system, and then through a series of distribution transformers reduce the voltage drops below the voltage to the voltage of the electricity for use . Not only in the power system, such as the power supply to the electric furnace, rectifier equipment, measurement equipment, test equipment, and control equipment is also widely applied to the voltage is visible, transformer plays an important role in our daily life.

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