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Mr. Xun

Sales Department (SD)

Xu Xing graduated from Zhongshan University Business School with professional marketing knowledge. 

He is eager to learn, actively enterprising, loves the company, adheres to principles, has strong comprehensive coordination ability, organizational management ability, work responsibility and professionalism. 

Marketing department (market department) is responsible for market research work; market planning work; preparation and organization of annual marketing plan; specific sales contract (order) review and organization implementation; customer management and credit risk management; after-sales service management; marketing revenue and sales expenses Management; brand building; construction of marketing personnel; participation in the preparation of annual work report; provision of relevant information to the Ministry of Finance; participation in the formulation of technology development strategies, responsible for providing technology and market status and trend analysis reports for audio and video products to the technology center; The new product development plan is responsible for providing new product development market information to the technology center; participating in the establishment and evaluation of scientific research projects.